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Quick Inquiry

    There has been a concern among the digital acumens, why Google ranks Singular and Plural keywords differently?

    This question was raised to Google’s John Mueller in 2018 and what he answered stunned the netizens. He said, there are several examples where plural keywords are ranked in the top 5 while singular keywords are nowhere near.

    Though the intention of the users might be the same, he doesn’t need to use the same keywords to get the desired results.

    So even though one keyword is singular and one plural it simply does not mean that Google would show the same results.

    Google looks at things from different perspectives and its main intention is to satisfy researchers.

    So this is a reason why Google will treat singular and plural words differently.

    As a website owner, it is worth contemplating what users are searching and is my website relevant?

    Google perceives the singular and plural terms as applicable for different search queries. When it sees these terms as different, it makes sense to have variation in results.

    These words are no doubt synonymous. But there is also some kind of uniqueness in each one of them that could give impetus to the researcher to get the result that is expected to its needs.

    Google thinks that if you are looking for a plural word, you might be looking forward to seeing the list of particular items or categories. Google will then match with your particular key terms.

    When a particular question is asked, it means that the category page with the plural essence like “Party Supplies Adelaide” would be ranked. It means that the category page satiates the search intention for the listing of products. In case a research type is a Party in Adelaide, a researcher might get landed in a blog post, as it will get the exact result as it intended.

    Let’s be precise in understanding the difference between singular and plural keywords

    You use the singular keywords if you are recommending something or providing certain information. It would be sometimes vague or broad articles regarding a subject.

    For instance, if a researcher is looking for a forum, Google will recommend a page that is promoting a forum, but it is not itself a forum.

    You would often use plural keywords for searches to compare the products. Whether you are assessing the sites to buy or to get knowledge about the products, you would use a plural version of the words.

    These differences are set off according to the signals sent by the users. That is displayed by click-through rate data/and or predicted click-through rate data.

    So while conducting the keyword research and targeting keywords, it is very pertinent to understand and consider the intention of the user who is searching for the keyword. If you are looking forward to buying groceries, it is pertinent to include both the singular as well as plural variations of the keywords.

    Google is no doubt getting more complicated in its bid to satisfy researchers and understanding their intention. It is always striving to give the best results as possible.

    No doubt Google is learning on the different ways users behave with keywords and what their expectations are from each search. If you intend to see your content getting ranked well of a particular keyword search, consider how your person would use the search engine to find the content.

    Each game has a rule and you have to play it well. The same is true with keywords. You have to use the best and most appropriate keywords to get better results and play the game adequately well.

    No doubt, keyword research is quite a daunting task, but a pertinent step too to get your blog ranking. Many people make keyword research mistakes, like

    • Not adequately working on keywords 
    • Not formulating your keyword research properly
    • Not considering search intent 
    • Use irrelevant keywords
    • Concentrating on one keyword per post

    And most importantly not considering singular and plural versions of keywords.

    A bad workman blames his tools, and the keywords are the tools especially for the Search Engine Optimizers. They have to use these tools appropriately to give the results users want.

    So make the best of the digital world by hiring Search Engine optimizers for whom the keyword is central to its strategy and make the best of this tool to your advantage.

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