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Quick Inquiry

    WordPress SEO Sevices Agency in Sydney Australia

    Organic search engine optimization is a vital aspect of any online marketing strategy. As an experienced online marketing agency, we specialize in various kinds of organic SEO services, including WordPress SEO. Our tailor-made SEO services are designed to promote businesses by creating effective strategies for WordPress websites. We execute these strategies to drive traffic and generate sales.

    From an SEO perspective, WordPress is an important CMS platform for businesses as it offers the necessary flexibility and built-in features that enhance usability.

    What We Do

    • Our primary expertise lies in providing superior technical support for WordPress SEO and implementing advanced SEO tactics to achieve the best possible website rankings. We prioritize building lasting relationships with our clients, and we achieve this by being transparent with them and providing detailed progress reports that demonstrate gradual improvements.
    • Our first task is to provide clients with a comprehensive audit report and share our plans for future SEO activities.

    Here are highlights of the WordPress SEO services we provide:

    • After conducting an extensive website audit, we provide the client with a detailed report.
    • We conduct comprehensive market research and relevant keyword analysis to improve organic search results.
    • Our services include creating original content, optimizing the existing content, and implementing effective schema and rich snippets. We also engage in content marketing by promoting our clients’ content on various public relation websites, forums, blog submissions, guest blogs, social media platforms, and other channels. We aim to help our clients achieve their marketing goals through high-quality, engaging content.
    • We specialize in on-page SEO, which includes creating keyword-rich meta tags, titles, and descriptions, as well as quality link building.
    • Our approach to link building is systematic and includes various techniques such as forum submissions, article submissions on relevant sites, and guest blog submissions. Additionally, if a business requires good public relations exposure, we also promote the website on various reputable PR websites.
    • We optimize website navigation to improve indexing and search engine crawling.
    • We specialize in creating blogs, posting them on various platforms, and reaching out to potential readers to increase their visibility.
    • We work on improving existing content and resolving duplicate content issues.
    • As part of WordPress SEO, we work on optimizing website loading speed and minimizing bounce rate by adding call-to-action and engagement to the pages.
    • We install Google Analytics and set up funnels to track user behavior and achieve website objectives.
    • We set up Google Webmaster (Google search console).
    • We utilize a reliable caching plug-in for optimizing the SEO of the WordPress website. A good caching plug-in can significantly enhance the loading speed of the website, while also minimizing the load on the web server. It works by caching the static and dynamic content of the website, which helps to reduce the loading time and improve the overall user experience.