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Quick Inquiry

    Magento SEO Sevices Agency in Sydney Australia

    Most shopping websites (e-commerce websites) are built on some sort of content management system. There are many CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, and others, but for e-commerce sites, one of the powerful CMS is Magento.

    We are specialised in search engine optimisation of websites based on Magento platform. We are an experienced online marketing company with a specialisation in various CMS platforms. We help our clients to promote their websites based on Magento, which is easier to use and excellent for product listing campaigns.

    How We Help in Magento Platform?

    The primary reason of success in Magento is the convenience that makes it easier to input data directly into Google merchant center.

    Moreover, the CMS has many user-friendly plug-ins that help to manage product pages conveniently along with meta tags, header tags and body content.

    For ecommerce websites, the most important aspect is the payment options. Magento is compatible with all payment gateways and there are many extensions that can be seamlessly integrate with the payment gateway of choice. We help our clients by managing the integration of a new or existing payment gateway with a comfortable method to make sure the payment module appropriately communicates with the website’s payment gateway.

    What We Do

    Category Optimisation

    The most significant fields of category optimisation are meta descriptions, page title, and URL. We write SEO friendly descriptions, keeping in mind that the users will read the descriptions in the search results and the first call-to-action is your page description.

    We customise a page and put the title exactly like the input without the parent category. This will highlight the targeted keywords in the search results. Lastly, we keep the URL short but keyword rich. For an ecommerce website, mostly multi-lingual, we keep the language independently.

    Products Optimisation

    For an ecommerce website, the most overlooked aspect is optimisation of product images. We write highly effective alt tags for image optimisation to achieve some decent traffic through different image searches.

    In Magento product optimisation is relatively easy. We put the meta information for the “Default Values” and for individual “Store View”.

    Clean Up Coding

    For a better Magento SEO, it is always recommended to keep the codes to the minimum. We move all javascripts and CSS from template files to external files. It cleans the template and help in SEO by eliminating the work of search engines to download them first.

    Loading Speed

    A significant factor of any website is the loading speed. So, in Magento SEO we use MySQL and PHP cache, which will greatly improve the loading speed of a website.

    No Follow Unnecessary Links

    Another important step in Magento SEO is to minimise unnecessary links such in login page, checkout, wishlist page and other non-content pages. We apply the same principle for RSS feeds, navigations, add to compare page and other.

    Canonical URLs

    To help Google to understand the duplicate content of a website, we create custom URL for each page by using canonical URL tag. It helps Google to crawl easily the pages.