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    As an Engineer (Information Technology), I’d like to share my professional experience from IT Officer (Trainee) to System Analyst to Business Analyst to Digital Marketing, Website & SEO Consultant.

    My addiction with the web began back in engineering study and I would spend hours on end in computer labs doing research using web group discussion and technical chatting. Ever since those first interactions with the web, I have been completely hooked.

    Over the past 15+ years I have acted on my passion for Web/SEO/Business Development and realized the combination of my background in business system analysis, website consultant and general web geek has been leading me straight to a career in Search Marketing.

    In 2009 I took calculative risk and started work as self employed for around 4.5 years. I have learned strategic planning, team leadership, project management/analysis and business development skills. That was amazing experience in my life and the SEO clicked in my mind. Website is the main identity for any business. Successful website needs good SEO otherwise it’s just a poster on web. I had started working on my first technical SEO project about 8 years earlier, but it wasn’t until after meeting other SEOs (and realizing how much I had in common with many of them), and letting all the information from my experience in, that it hit me how interested I was in all aspects of SEO. Quickly, I realized how much I enjoyed the inner workings of search engines, learning the ins and outs of getting a site to rank well and just as importantly, how much I enjoyed becoming a part of SEO community.

    In 2013 I permanently moved to Australia as a skilled migrant for better career scope and better life style. As an experienced SEO/PPC/Website professional with a passion for everything related to website, search, keywords and analytics, I would love the opportunity to work with/for a progressive company.

    My strengths lie in my ability to find solutions and think outside the box, my ability to adhere to strict deadlines and juggle multiple projects and priorities, and my attention to detail and accuracy when gathering data, conducting analysis and preparing reports. I work well with others and enjoy a collaborative team environment.

    When it comes to SEO/PPC, I employ a multi-pronged approach that involves methods such as keyword analysis, metadata, the creation of unique and relevant content, link building, competitor analysis and social media. Whatever the methods, you can be assured they are accompanied by thorough analysis and data to continually monitor and optimise their effectiveness.

    Importantly, I keep myself up-to-date with the fast-moving SEO/PPC/Website landscape, particularly technological and search engine trends, changing algorithms and ranking factors. I understand the importance of always staying one step ahead in this dynamic and ever-changing field.