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Quick Inquiry

    Email Marketing Agency in Australia

    Email marketing is one of the most efficient marketing tools for businesses.

    For an email marketer it is important to look for quality score to help in determining availability, getting white-listed and ensure all the marketing emails get delivered properly.

    Getting whitelisted means marked as a friend because many email services are blocked by major ISPs and they cannot control whether these emails hit the inbox or spam folders. The most efficient way is to provide instructions on emails, especially on the initials and follow-up emails.

    Email marketing is all about call-to-action and we make sure our call-to-action and follow-up, both are consistent, to create a positive campaign.

    Another significant factor of our email marketing campaign is to provide value in an offer. By creating value, we mean to provide linking to blog posts, newsletters or any other form of media content.

    What We Offer

    Our intelligent email delivery engine provides our clients with efficient email delivery.

    Our business continuance plan is reliable and helps in delivering bulk email services. We provide services to small as well as corporate email services.

    • Tailor-made email campaigns to create targeted and effective mails for subscribers.
    • Autoresponders emails that are automatically scheduled to send subscribers relevant emails.
    • Email automation with email workflows to make sure efficient email marketing campaign ROI.
    • We integrate emails across social platforms to increase email marketing campaign success.
    • Our intelligent email messaging ensures that mails make it into the inbox.
    • Add dynamically merged RSS-driven content to quickly personalize emails per subscribers.
    • We have a dedicated team who proactively monitors and manages email delivery.
    • We do engagement scoring that is to accurately gauge the levels of every subscriber’s interest to make a better segmented database.

    Why Us?

    We provide a simple and cost-effective solution of email marketing to access millions of potential new customers. Our different methods increase the conversion rates and offer several ways to take advantage of email services.

    Some of the salient features of our email marketing services are:

    Easy to use editor – Our editor is flexible and the look and feel can be changed to reflect the brand identity.

    Automatic follow-up emails – We send an automatic follow-up email to make the message consistent

    Autoresponders and email series – We run an efficient email autoresponder campaign to welcome new subscribers and maintain interest.

    Dynamic integrated platform – Our clients can see who is opening an email.

    A/B Testing – Our integrated A/B testing helps to find different elements of a subject line’s text.