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    Social Media Marketing Agency : Facebook Ads

    Social media marketing is the greatest online marketing tool and has been on the mind of marketers since the advent of social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter.

    Some people see it is a “free” strategy where you do not have to pay anything for creating a page or making a post, but to witness a significant result; you cannot just treat it like a free strategy.

    It is imperative to invest in social media marketing in the form of paid ads, and paid promotions. Also, not everyone can promote anything in social media platform; one needs to have a formally documented strategy that dictates your objectives, your target audience and plan to grow your genuine followers.

    In Australia, people spend more time on Facebook than any other website. There are other websites like Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Linkedin and Google Plus where marketers need to engage the target audience with relevant posts, ads and proper content that are connected to the brand of the company.

    Factors that help in social media marketing

    It is very important to know how your target audience interacts with your brand. We evaluate your social history and formulate clear strategy to move forward.

    Our analytical tools will help to observe the detailed study of posts, how users interact with the brand and when the users are mostly active. We use various techniques such as promoted posts, paid campaigns, remarketing and others to deliver good results.


    Consistency is the key for a successful social media campaign. We are consistent in marketing in social platforms and follow a day to day basis campaign. We capture the attention of followers through versatile posts and ads.

    Value Creation

    An important part of social media marketing is to create value for the users. We create strategies that give value to users’ action such as discounts or special deals or in the form of entertaining content.

    Personal Touch

    The main objective of social platform is to make connection with other people. We do not create strategy approaching users as a company; rather we give a personal touch to our posts and promotional campaigns.

    Of course, as a company we make some adjustments to the voice and tone but still personal touch is the cornerstone of our posts.

    Follower Engagement

    Passive followers who follows but do not engage with the brand, are worthless. We create strategies that involve followers in the brand experience. We engage them on a regular interval through interactive questions answers, conversations, content shares etc.

    Profitable Call-To-Action

    Without a profitable call-to-action social media marketing is bland. One of the important objectives of our marketing is to occasionally call the target audience to action, by giving them opportunity to purchase or send them to the targeted website.

    What We Offer

    The process involved in social media marketing depends on business to business (B2B).

    In order to translate users to customers, we develop different strategies depending on whether the focus is on B2B or B2C.

    Some of the key areas where we emphasise are:

    • Developing strategies that are in line with the business’s KPIs and objectives
    • We are selective in choosing social platform (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.)
    • We target the proper audience
    • We watch the competitors and create strategies based on that
    • We are consistent and track the account so as to avoid wastage of time and money