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Quick Inquiry

    You have a website, but after a few days, you find there are zero visitors. What to do?

    It is silent surroundings, no honking or hustle-bustle, but you are trying to retain your presence. It is not easy, as in this environment there are many noises, sounds of keyword strokes, activities of the buzzing “Online enthusiasts” who are making all their efforts trying to pierce through their competitors to get ranked.

    In this digital marketing game, if you have a website but do not have money and there is no visitor, you can hardly afford to mark your niche. But this is a wrong notion. If you have no money but you are willing, you can create channels in these staggering routes.

    Your website is perfect and content okay, and you are doing link-building campaigning and launching social media marketing but still getting zero traffic.

    So what can you do? Here are some SEO tips.

    Overcome the declining attention of the visitors:

    Check if your website is taking more than 2 to 4 seconds to load? If yes, the visitor is bound to go to another place. Get it corrected and, make sure your website loads faster. It must give a welcoming look and give your visitors flexibility to navigate. Fastest loading +easy scrolling equals more retention.

    Attract Your Customers with Free Lead Magnets:

    Who does not want to opt for a freebie thing? If you offer something for free, naturally, you are emotionally attracting your potential customers, inducing them to give a try to your product or service. Your offerings of a few free samples can push your visitors and ultimately sales.

    Suppose your blog is getting around 8000 visitors per month, but then you are can only convert 400, you can easily add 3000 extra people that could be your repeat visitors.

    The website is well designed:

    Ensure you have designed your website perfectly and format the content that is appealing to the spanners. Your first-time visitor can form an impression of your site within just 50 to 60 milliseconds.

    Within a short period, your web users can decide whether they shall stay or leave your site. As per studies, around 94 % of the first impression is of a design.

    Use Influencer Marketing To Your Advantage:

    Influencer marketing has acquired a lot of popularity. Around 60 % of marketers use influencer marketers. The reason for it is simple people have faith in recommendations.

    If you think the internet is safe, but in fact, it is not. Many people are claiming to be in the sales department but make money through online scams. Also, many bloggers who have gained authorization have received “you are a scammer” emails.

    So, how can you provide proof that you are not a cheat and will never compromise integrity to increase sales? And, that is naturally by giving them social proof, through the mouth of people and many best engagement driving tools.

    Write well draft webpage copy and attractive titles:

    Returning to the scarcity of time and attention span, it is not easy for the users to take that first step and read; a simple solution is writing user-centric copy that focuses on the advantages of your products to the users. It is implemented in the blog post to grab the attention of the visitors. Write about the benefits of applying the strategies in the blog post, in its front and center.

    Create clear and relevant titles that tell the visitors what you expect from your article. The best idea is to offer a “make decision” concept that builds a sense of urgency.

    The secret of popularity of many bloggers is the social shares due to the urgency they form with their titles.

    Write down in the language which your audience understands:

    The purpose of the website is to draw visitors, and if visitors are unable to understand the words used and the context of the inner piece, they will walk out. It is also true with the PPC ads. When a visitor finds themselves incapable of grasping the mentioned offer, they can leave your website. Instead, the aim is for matching the exact copy and CTAs between your ad and landing pages.

    Similarly, you can also track specific niche forums to understand the exact language they are using. You can use the different variations of the phrases that other writers have used on their sites.

    Play With Keywords:

    Marketers have complex processes to do their keyword research. They use different types of tools and methods. Sometimes the exact meaning and tenancy to draw the keyword list are lost between metrics, for instance, keyword volume and difficulty in the ranking process.

    Especially, keyword research simmers down to the following elements:

    Looking for the topics subjects that are gaining popularity and the ones that have gained more search volume with time.

    Finding the exact language for use while talking about the challenges ensures familiarity and gives your readers comfort.

    By keeping these few points in mind, you can gain ranking for the low-competitive keyword.

    Keep in mind to use long-tail keywords that are trendy and increase authority.

    To Conclude;

    There is no lack of information on the internet, but most of it is of no use to the visitors. If you put more effort into understanding what your visitor wants, and show them that you care you can easily woo them.

    If you have thought of doing something, start acting now. Just with one tip or an idea from the article and keyword search, and secondly, discuss with your SEO expert to formulate proper keyword strategies. Also, edit your content and make it more readable. Apply a visual appeal.

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