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Quick Inquiry

    Facebook Advertising Agency

    With the advent of Facebook advertising, there is a paradigm shift in online marketing arena. With Facebook marketing, you can control every ounce of data and target your demographic and eventually promote your business.

    We have an expertise over social media marketing, especially Facebook because we are passionate about the scope and reach of targeted promotional ads, and realised how ads can generate prospects that are ready to purchase.

    We are engaged in Facebook marketing for years and help our clients to grow their businesses. It is not just the matter of likes and shares but the amount of traffic to the website through direct call-to-action. We ensure maximise return from the ad spending. We work on finer details of the Facebook campaigns and reach out the target audience with the targeted demographic.

    Salient Features of Facebook Ads Management Service

    • Keyword research and selection
    • Ad copy creation
    • Demographic research and targeting
    • Help with optimising landing pages
    • Conversion tracking
    • Facebook Campaign cost management
    • Facebook specific creative
    • Landing page development and improvements

    What We Offer

    Our method is data driven, so we begin with collecting data of demographic, target audience, competitor analysis and others. Our data driven approach helps us refine the ad targeting and ensure we target right audience for less outlay.