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    You have developed your website for any purpose; it is either for promotion or generating business and it is running fine. But one fine day, you see the website traffic started plummeting. And you are not aware why it has happened and why the traffic dropped suddenly?

    People visit websites to gain visitors, but these visits can mean differently for different people. It means to earn and for some to gain publicity, but ultimately you need a ranking of your website and taps and eyes on it. But when the website fails to get traffic or is reduced, why it happens, we must understand the reasons?

    And finding it is not only a work of SEO professional but also yours. We at SEO Service Agency offer our bespoke SEO services to the website while giving strategic inputs and analyzing website traffic.

    Finding the traffic is one thing but finding the right traffic is another thing. We have to find the right traffic and that too at the right time.

    The catch is Strategy + Right Content with the Right Keywords.

    Let us come to find out the reasons why traffic to the website falls.


    Find out whether the keywords you are using are still relevant?

    If your website is running for many years, you must find out whether the keywords you are using still have importance and can gain visitors or not?

    With time things get old, and the strategy applicable at one time or occasion might not be useful for anyone the second time. It is also possible that people find different variations of the same question but cannot find an answer or its solution.

    As Google has also improved a lot that includes language comprehension ability, they can type in any natural language to get at the result. It is easy to get ranking if you keep things simple and write in easy language.

    Recently Google has also changed its concept, as instead of depending on only a few keywords, websites are getting ranked on complete sentences that are more natural. Analyze the keywords and keyword phrases, and if you find you are using the old keywords change your strategy.


    Find Key Metrics to measure the efficacy of the SEO Campaign.

    Make a solid keyword plan that you would like your website to appear on Google. Focus is on keywords that have transactional intent for our clients. That means look at keywords that can drive the business KPIs ahead, whether it is regarding sales, leads, or inquiries.

    During the SEO campaign, you can see an increase in the number of targeted keywords. If you have a new website, do not use highly competitive keywords.


    There is a duplicity in the content on your website.

    Google does not allow any duplicate content to appear on the website, and if published, all your SEO efforts will get wasted. And you would never want to get it to go in wane. If there is duplicate content, the page will get a mediocre ranking.


    Write unique quality content related to your business services or products.


    Missing Links

    Yet another reason for your search ranking and traffic to get reduced is that you have lost links. Find your website for lost links in the last 90 days using tools like Cognitive SEO, Majestic, or Ahrefs.

    What are the questions that you should ask about the lost link?

    • Is there a drop in the website linking?
    • Are the links lost located on the same pages of your website which Google dropped in the ranking?
    • Is there any reduction in inbound links that have reduced their ranks?


    In case your links are lost or broken, you will have to find the reason from where the links are coming and whether broken? You can then replace, remove or retain them. Check each link individually and get to the next steps.


    Broken Redirects

    If you have migrated the website to a new server or made any changes on the website, you will see the drop in ranking till you have an adequate 301 redirect plan. These broken redirects can create errors like 404s if you are pointing the same in the wrong place. It is very menacing for the SEO professional as there are no ways to find the issues and whether the links are working or not.

    An audit tool can only find on-site URLs, and it would not try to crawl your old URLs. At this point, you cannot find any old URLs in the Google index, so there would not any broken links showing in the search results.

    If you are not testing the redirects, you will have no idea whether these are in place.


    Whenever it is possible, avoid changing the URL structure. The easy way to prevent redirect is to avoid forming the redirects.

    Generate proper URLs from the very beginning so that you do not have to optimize URLs.

    Avoid changing URLs unless required.


    Penalty by Google

    If you witness any reduction in your website rankings, it means that your website is on the Google radar.

    Google imposes either manual actions or automatic. If your website is getting ranked on other search engines, this means Google has penalized your website.

    Whether the penalty imposed is manual or automatic, fix the issue and get it removed. Check the notifications in Google Search Console.


    Check the warnings in the message menu in the Manual Actions section. Here you can see a list of instances where a Google employee has found that pages in your website are not in compliance with the guidelines.

    The other most obvious reason is algorithm changes. Google is seeking different ways to improve different strategies and results by making algorithm changes, which causes an impact on the rankings.

    So SEO professionals should adopt impactful marketing and traffic strategy and keep uprising themselves with the latest Google updates. And there are many other issues stiff competition, internal navigation, competitor’s improvements, etc.

    Let’s make a difference in our work by getting the high quality and best strategies with the SEO Services. And we will make it possible for you.

    Who We Are

    We are SEO and digital marketing professional acumen who knows and understand the minutest things about your website. Since we started our operations in 2013, we have achieved different targets, giving your websites an edge over the competitors. We adopt strategies that are good for your business, ensure good ranking and increase your credibility.

    It is seen companies prefer to hire companies as they are more trustworthy.

    So if you hire an agency, you can establish yourself and lay a strong foundation to realize your marketing goals.

    If you also want to see your website gets ranked and retain the position in Google, talk to our experts. We will suggest what is best for you. We offer you services that ensure a higher degree of expertise, knowledge, strategies, and time.

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