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    Google My Business Listing Optimisation Strategies & Tips

    With a load of information available online these days, it is really tough to decipher for a business to understand where to invest time, money and resources. There is a long list of digital services and products that are popped into your browser every time you open app or browser that makes it very competitive for businesses to gain a legitimate return on investment (ROI).

    Google My Business is a great way to enhance your business’s digital presence locally.

    We help our clients to grow their businesses through comprehensive local SEO strategies. It is significant to optimise websites as well as off-site SEO promotions for clients who may be searching for the local business.

    Local SEO is important because the competition is fierce on local levels, and a slight edge on internet will change the ranking of business.

    We use specific local SEO tactics that help clients’ businesses rank higher for local search terms.

    Title and Meta Description Optimisation

    We customise title and meta descriptions to reflect the content of the web page. These titles and description tags should be carefully crafted because these tags are displayed in search results.

    In the recent time, Google increased the width of the main search results area to 600px. Now the acceptable length for title tags is approximately 50 to 60 characters, and description tags can be approximately 160 to 200 characters. We ensure titles and descriptions are fitted in search results. We include name of the city, business and the area of business serves in the tags. Also, we focus on using on targeted keyword and carefully place the keyword as close to the starting of the tag.

    Online Directories and Citations

    According to Google, four out of five users use search engines to do local searches. Therefore, it is extremely important register in a local business listing online. There are top online business directories like;

    • Yellow Pages
    • Yelp
    • White Pages
    • True Local

    and others where we register clients’ businesses for better visibility.

    Google My Business: Claim and Optimise

    We register businesses in Google My Business directory and do all the necessary verification process. We optimise GMB listing with appropriate descriptions, categories, business hours and other minor details. We work with clients to selection of photographs, product and services.

    Structured Data Markup

    Structured data markup, also known as “schema markup, is important part of local SEO where we add a unique website code to provide search engines with the information about the local business.

    Google specifically use structured data markup because it helps their bots to determine the website content is about. We also use Google’s structured data testing tool to check if the markup is properly implemented.

    Why Local SEO is important?

    • With proper optimisation, it provides with immediate SEO Value. Potential customers when search for your business, they will see top relevant results for your business and a preview of Google Maps listing.
    • It also gives valuable insights about users who searched for your page. This is very important database from where you can understand what type of search terms are used to find your business. Also, you can see recent page views, total amount of people searching and the ZIP code users are searching for.
    • A well-structured local SEO will improve the presentation of your business. When users find your company through Google search, you make sure you make a good impression.
    • We monitor reviews and provide custom responses to the comments. We optimise the pages in a way to provide users with appropriate information with good resolution images.