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Quick Inquiry

    Bing Ads Management Agency in Australia

    Google Ads is undisputable champion in the search engine marketing but online marketers do not ignore Bing Ads because Bing also provides attractive pay per click advertising services.

    To tap a large share of the market, we emphasise on Bing ads because the search engine holds roughly 17% of the market share. We leverage Bing ads to generate leads and traffic for various businesses. Bing ads are cost effective because you have to pay lesser than Google adwords to reach millions of target audience and as a result it will give you significant leads.

    Salient Features of our Bing Ads Management Service

    We work with our clients to boost their current Bing ads campaigns. We create ads including ad copy, optimisation of ads and ad management. We help our clients to achieve the most out of the search advertising on Bing.

    Some of the features that we provide our clients are as follows:

    • Keyword Discovery and Selection
    • Ad Text Creation
    • Help with Optimising Landing Pages
    • Ad Submission
    • Conversion Tracking
    • PPC Monitoring
    • Competitive Research
    • Analysis & Reporting

    We create monthly reports to showcase the campaign improvement and other details.

    Our report demonstrates keyword performance, clicks, impressions and conversions. We encourage our clients review the report and discuss the matter personally.

    Our Process

    Being a pioneer in search engine marketing, we help our clients to expand into new markets and advertising mediums with our emphatic and cost-effective Bing Ads PPC campaigns. We are able to cater to all types of businesses and manage all sizes of PPC budget. Our approach is methodical and our singular search engine marketing strategies to make sure our clients get the highest possible returns on investment (ROI).

    Campaign Segmentation

    To achieve good returns for Bing PPC, we create campaigns that are properly segmented and with the best possible approach for specific products.

    A Bing PPC campaign can be segmented in various ways including demographics, location, mobile devices and more to maximise returns.

    Bing Quality Score

    Bing quality score measures by the relevancy of keywords on which you are bidding on. Other factors like who see them and the landing pages matter a lot. We ensure that the PPC ads get more clicks, which result to high quality scores.

    High Conversion Rate

    The objective of our paid search strategy is to turn leads into conversions. Our Bing campaign ads have high conversion rates and very effective in bringing positive ROI. We do conversion rate optimisation that enables us to maximise PPC return.

    Competitive Analysis

    We perform significant competitive analysis to get valuable data such as engagement, landing page relevance, assisted conversions etc. This competitive analysis helps to find the opportunities that are being missing.

    Keyword Research

    We place proper researched keywords in line with the target audience. We properly evaluate which keywords and ad groups match to maximise clicks.

    Ad Creation and Optimisation

    Ad creation is an important part of any PPC campaign. We refine ad copies and create new ads to target the specific audience with appropriate call to action.

    Landing Page Optimisation

    We refine the landing pages and do necessary improvements to achieve more impressions, clicks and conversion.

    Why Us?

    We have a team of PPC experts, working exclusively for Bing Ads campaigns. In addition, we have a team of copywriters, developers and designers to create effective campaigns.

    We emphasise on conversion rates and minimising the cost per lead. We review the data and do systematic testing to improve the campaigns.

    Our Google ads and Bing ads are separate divisions. So, we provide our clients with dedicated Bing account manager having expertise in the Bing platform. The account manager oversees the entire campaign and coordinates with the client.