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    While giving a hundred percent in SEO one fine day, you find rankings suddenly started dropping!

    It is exciting to see the sudden rise in SERPs, but seeing it fall is disturbing. A couple of months have gone into putting efforts and dreaming of seeing the visitors on the website, but suddenly your hope gets dashed.

    You might start wondering, is it that you have gone back from where you have made a start, and is it again your beginning? The answer to it is no, definitely not?

    Dropping the rankings and then seeing the same getting picked up again is a part of the game. At first, it is natural for you to get panicked, but as you start learning about it, you will know it is not the end of the world. There is a lot you can do to fix the issue and revive the rankings.

    So let us know about it right here.

    Find out what has caused the drop?

    Before you start working on how to raise the rankings, track it, the best is to do it daily to check if the same is increasing or on the lower side. Do it every day as Google makes around 3,200 algorithm changes every year, which are more than eight algorithm changes on a single day. Track your rankings each day. Google Search Console is a starting point to find the quantum of the traffic and how well it is ranked. It also allows you to check its visibility, indexing status, and other things that could help you make an appropriate decision or change the strategy accordingly.

    You can also come to know

    • Any messages or notifications from Google
    • The links that you might have created on the internal as well as external pages
    • Find out if there are any errors on the site
    • It’s crawling rate, and when Googlebot assess your site
    • The relevant keyword searches.
    Website Tracking Code

    Sometimes drop in site traffic is due to fallacious data, which can occur in your site tracking code. As changes in your website code or any analytical plugins can cause an issue in the tracking code. So it is better to check the tracking code first before anything else.

    Check if you are not getting penalized?

    Rarely does a website gets penalized, but you do not have to worry about it. And if you have not done anything fishy or done anything wrong like buying links, you do not have to worry about a penalty. But there are more than 50 reasons that your website can get penalized. Find the issues and fix the same.

    Google algorithm keeps on changing, while on a particular day, you might find the site penalized while on the other day, much to your relief, it is revived again.

    What is Google Penalty?

    Google penalty means when your website is erased or removed from the Google index. It automatically happens by Google’s webspam filtering algorithm like Penguin or is done manually by the webspam team.

    You can find out about it in your Google Search Console, Google Analytics, or by checking the brand positioning in Google, and many other ways.

    How to get relief from the Google penalty?

    Do on the website what Google says? Make sure your website has no unbroken links, is original and with proper content. There is also no duplicity and organic and reasonable traffic. There are also many other minute things to be taken care of like getting careful with migration, redesigning of the pages, etc.

    We will discuss the same below:

    Redesigning of the website/Migration issue

    If you are redesigning the website or going for its migration to some other platform, but you find a sudden drop in the traffic, check it if you have not broken or de-optimized something. For instance, fast speed is pertinent today and contributes to the ranking of the site on mobile. Even if it cost you more, reduce the loading time.

    Other problems can also come up like

    It is better to collaborate with your developer to resolve the mistakes, so prioritize and fix them.

    Content Quality

    We can also attribute one of the reasons for the drop in rankings to the quality of the content. Google’s Panda is very stringent on the website if it finds the content is of substandard quality. It is a common assumption that no one has time to read long published articles or content, but one of the columnists, John Lincoln, disagrees. According to him, it is a long content that people love to read the most. It is ranked and gets converted. The best is to go beyond 1500 words.

    Even Google agrees that the longer the content more is the chance of getting it ranked. Long articles get more backlinks, increase conversions, and as per experts and advertisers, long copy sells more than short copies.

    Even Neil Patel believes that more content more is the number of visits and likes on social media.

    But it is also not a hard and fast rule. The topic that requires explanation in a few words does not require a complete essay or thesis on it. In a few sentences or paragraphs, you can explain your perspective and viewpoint. Even Shakespeare said that brevity is the soul of wit.

    And always remember quality is always better than quantity. Have patience, write but write well and without grammatical errors.

    There are many tit-bits that you need to consider to revive your website ranking. The online world is safe but you do have a chance of losing traffic to your website if you do not work and do not work safely, strategically, and according to the rules.

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