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    Well if you are already running your company and have tasted the sweetness of traditional setup, you can taste the sweet anecdotes of digital marketing too.

    This world digital is nothing less than a game of packs; you need to shuffle as well as reshuffle the same until you get to see the king and see that trump is yours.

    Since the online schemes came into play, the debate is going on what is better, digital, or traditional marking system.

    But experts say there is no hard and fast rule. In fact, many companies are using eight mediums to engage and interact with their audience.

    While digital marketing is garnering a major share of the budget, yet our ancestor’s gift to us, our traditional modes are also getting their share and will continue to do so.

    The main reason is that the leadership belongs to the old school, and they do not want to maneuver their agenda towards the new.

    When the old is gold, why to taste silver? No doubt, it is with traditional marketing they have grown up with and understand its inns and outs.

    So before finally deciding on which one is best, let’s understand the basic concept of both, traditional as well as digital. This will reveal us with some eye-opening facts and techniques.

    What is traditional marketing and Digital Marketing?

    When we talk of traditional marketing the first thing that comes to our mind is broadcasting platforms in the form of Televisions, Radio, and of course the print media. They were one of the biggest media for advertisements in which the main defining point was our approach; it was like spread and push. In this scheme, we are taking our message to them instead of allowing them to come to us.

    While digital marketing is getting online to promote your products and services digitally. Whether it is through websites, blogging, or mobile applications. You are on your own.

    So the following are the touchpoints that will make you feel like catching the old again once the COVID crises are over.
    With traditional marketing, you are reaching old demographics

    It is a fact that marketing to the 65 and above genre is different from the marketing to the young generation.

    The tenacity of the people over 65 is least towards the internet as much as it is towards the traditional methods, though COVID now is changing their whole perception of thinking.

    But, when we look at the grand scale, their hearts still go for a traditional game. If we concentrate on digital marking efforts it will be wasted, but well thought out traditional approaches can give the best results.

    In some cases, flyers and posters are also promising ventures.

    Traditional marketing has an immersive everlasting tone

    The traditional marketing scheme is and will never wane. It is traditionally fashioned still plays a pertinent part in people’s lives.

    Its immersive experience and so very impactful TV commercial and its tangible style are as pertinent today as it was years back as it creates a lasting impact.

    You feel yourself attach to the brand emotionally and the same remains at the top of your mind.

    Suppose you are searching for the latest fashion, you will find a billboard of tailored made sponsored advertisement, and you will automatically feel resonated with the same.

    The traditional marketing approach is very easy and understandable

    With traditional marketing, you can easily reach your target audience and create an emotional attachment.

    Secondly, it resonates with the audiences for its creative and emotive tenacity. The audience can have a hard copy of materials of which they can read or browse over and over again.

    As per the studies by neuroscience, it is the best hard copy marketing strategy, creating an impact on paper marketing.

    But it is also true that if you are not in digital marketing now, you will be left with many unanswered questions and will be puzzled as there would be remaining gaps in your sales and marketing efforts.

    Sales also might start getting down? But the ball is now in a court of digital marketing. As COVID 19 has brought each one of us into the confines of our homes, the shift is towards digital.

    People are buying everything online, from small needle to vehicle.

    So there are varied benefits to going digital too. These are some of them.

    With digital marketing, you can reach a local as well as the international audience:

    Yes, you can widen yourself to reach international audiences. Besides, you can customize your campaign to particular audience demographics, like gender, age, location, and interests. This makes your campaign more impactful.

    Your readers choose the way they would like to receive content:

    Someone would like to read a blog post, yet another would like to watch a YouTube.

    In digital marketing, you are giving to the audience what they want, instead of pushing your means on them.

    People have the option to opt-in for communications and often they are ones who are finding it.

    There is Direct interaction with the audience:

    You can directly interact with your audience and interaction is boosted. You can opt for various means like getting feedback, polling, answering to their queries, inviting them to visit the website, and initiate ratings, etc.

    All this was not possible in the traditional schemes. So digitally you are building a certain kind of relationship which can turn into your clients.

    You can record all the data and results.

    With Google analytics and the insight tools, you can check your campaigns and record data and results.

    Unlike traditional marketing procedures, you can check in real-time what it is that is working and what that is not working for your business online, and you can immediately change anything and improve your results.

    Level playing field:

    Any business can compete with anyone irrespective of size.

    Conventionally a smaller retailer would struggle to match the fixture and fittings of large competitors.

    But digitally if you have a well thought of site with a smooth customer journey and great services, you can attain success.

    And there are many more things, which digital marketing does for you.

    But now as the COVID 19 is nearing its end as an expert we would recommend both, take the wisdom of your ancestor and take the new path with the adoption of both. But which one you choose depends on various factors. The only condition is select wisely and with percentage mixes of both.

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