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    When the world is now waking up to the new rays, it is time to define the new algorithm, by pitching your business goals in the digital landscape. The situation has forced even the less traversed companies to promote and brand their position digitally. Artificial intelligence, data-driven marketing, and search engine optimization (SEO) earlier were just a dream, weaving into the mind of the IT geniuses, but now these trends are on the top of the demand list.

    We have to make a calculative bet in the gamut of digital marketing, whether it is about hiring a digital marketing company, or a freelancer. But how can we choose which is best for us? It is tricky, isn’t it!

    No digital marketing scheme is fit for all. So you have to decide on which one you wanted to choose and invest your time and money into.

    So let’s decipher what makes a Digital Marketing Agency different from a freelancer and which one to invest?

    Digital Marketing Freelancer or an agency

    A freelancer is an independent marketing consultant, while a digital agency is a team of marketing professionals managed in a classical hierarchical system. Though both do the same job and perform similar tasks, yet there is a difference in a certain degree of efficacy and professionalism. It also depends on your preference and budget.

    You might need a professional who could devote maximum hours on your business, create a business plan from a scratch or you need an acumen who would build a complete stratagem to take the business forward. The best thing about a freelancer is that he has time and means to understand the business and formulate strategies from beginning to end and initiate different marketing efforts. While an agency has a team and I believe they are more apt to get into the gist of understanding of the industry and ability to grasp it.

    The difference in Skill Set

    We should not say that one is less skillful than other but there is a vast degree of difference in the skill sets between the two. It is very difficult to find a freelancer with a vast range of skills; this means that you might opt for the different personas with a different degree of skill set. It would drain both your time and money. If you have an agency, you can have a group of experienced marketers with varied skill sets. They work in a team with a high degree of professionalism. If you are running a large business, you would be provided an experienced and skilled digital marketer but if you have just started your business you might get a marketing draftee.

    Services they are offering

    Freelancers are the preferred choice for startups as they have a limited budget when you can afford to have quality work at lesser rates than why to hire a company. For freelancers reputation is a big thing, so they always strive for hard work and to achieve excellence. It is in their interest to give results, as this is a way to get recommendations. They are also good commentators as they can explain current trends going on in the market. But the drawback is they sometimes disappear without notifying and you keep on searching them, and they do not also in favor of signing any contracts which can sometimes bring up legal issues.

    While a Digital Marketing Agency has a structure in their day to day operations including communication and strategy. So you can at least expect professionalism, timely and quality deliverables. As they are the company you do not fear of their running away.

    Flexible working hours

    Freelancers have flexible working hours, as they do not work 9 to 5 so you can expect them to work in the night also and even at weekends. They do not have a structured working day, and that is why they are freelancers. This is pertinent when suddenly you have faced crises. But they will work as per the agreed conditions, if they give additional hours, they might charge extra for working in the evenings or at weekends. However, with digital agency, you have set your schedule, and you can adjust your business accordingly. They do not enjoy flexibility as a freelancer enjoys, but the negative aspect of the digital agency is that they might get involved in team meetings, or even go out for lunch, this makes them unavailable.


    A freelancer seeks per project or hour price for their work but a digital marketing agency seeks full time or in house salary. As freelancers are operating in their own time, they are more productive than any office goers and are least bothered by any office politics. Agency charges more than the freelancers for the same type of work as they have to meet many other expenses.

    Since 2014, the digital marketing acumens are growing by leaps and bounds, and now the demand has further increased. Whether you are looking for a freelancer or an agency, look out for the one who has a reputation and have built their credibility. Generally, agencies are preferred over the freelancers, as they can be relied upon. So by working with the agency you create a marketing domination hub and lay a strong foundation to actualize your marketing goal.

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