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    You are ready with your website, now what next?

    It’s Search Engine Optimization. These three alphabets are not English letters to take for granted but are approximately three years of the constant efforts of a Search Engine Optimizer. He is a person who raffles into the Google algorithm game to give your website a sweeping challenge to get it into the top. There is the interplay of things, good and SEO optimized website, user friendly, and thought-provoking strategies.

    As it was in the past, the SEO is not about finding keywords but spending hours tracking the changes in the algorithm.

    There is no doubt that Google wants informative and quality content. SEO is now dealing with the technology is now making efforts to give priority to the content.

    Any content online is a communication with the potential people and a necessity of a website, so it should have user-friendliness appeal. You can write a blog, an article, a white paper, or anything without the author’s intent in mind, but then it would not be easy to get a search engine to attend to your page.

    What is Good SEO?

    If you ask any Google employee about the best SEO strategy and he will reply, there is none. There is no strategy as such, but you will have to find out five “W’s and one H” what, when, where, why, and how? The strategy revolves around the user choice of these five queries as and when they want. And this you can give with quality content.

    Yet another thing that Google wants us to remember, you would be surprised. It is now not about the searches on the web are in other languages and not English that most of the people speak around the world. It necessitates we use international languages. Let us see how important it is to have our website in other languages?

    International SEO

    There are ample sites and content that makes Google contemplate which one to give rank number one for any provided keyword. However, in the international markets, it is quite a different scenario. There is a lot of demand but not enough websites for Google to select when it comes to ranking. So even though many algorithm updates and SEO are getting perplexing, it is not the case with international markets.

    But to expand internationally is not difficult as you can do it without spending a penny. Develop a partnership with the locals where you want your target audiences. Motivate your partner to translate your content into that language, and you can give them a portion of your profit.

    What to Do To Make Your Website Internationally Optimized

    Transcribe but not translate the content- Opt to transcribe the content instead of translation. Use suitable keywords. It is better to transcribe and make it optimized for that country.

    Partnerize with the locals

    By making partnerships and contacting the locals, you are not only motivating them to transcribe your content, but you are also building your brand image. You are forming your client base to which you can sell your products or services.

    Gain User Experience

    Users need fast loading websites, simple navigation, and easy to understand content. It is not exactly headline news, but it is pertinent to keep the end-user experience on your high priority list.

    Add Featured Snippets

    You can find Google produced one search feature called featured snippets.

    You can see them towards the top of the search age, just above the first organic search result. If you can find the information you require and click on the snippet to learn more about it, then snippet does it.

    These snippets are not only useful, but they can drive around half of Google’s search engine clicks. Approximately 55.5 website clicks from your search page are from these snippets.

    Create Video Content for SEO

    It is as Neil Patel defines video for SEO. Getting a rank on the website is not just about building a link but creating content that automatically starts building links. And, further, it is also more about video content. Video is a powerful type of content for your overall SEO strategy. It seems like a great idea or a concept; it must synchronize with your SEO strategy and create a return on investment (ROI). There are two goals that you can achieve with your SEO content; the one is to generate different social shares and another increase in conversion.

    Social Media

    Make your social media a valued ally of SEO and not to segregate it. Though your social media avalanches do not ensure a direct impact on ranking, these are sure signals on the pages that you intend to link.

    The amount of social mentions and engagement is one of the best social ranking factors.

    When you look at the trend today, we all need the first website and then digital marketing and SEO of the same. Having a website is like cutting a vegetable and then putting it on the gas for cooking. But we have to stir it.

    SEO is the same. We have to continuously keep on working on your website with different strategies and plans for Google to keep on recognizing it and taking your site step by step on the top. But there is a difference; over-cooked vegetables can get spoiled, so we also do not have to overdo with our SEO moves, but slowly and steadily keep on working to see the results coming.

    Who Are We?

    We are a team SEO strategically oriented expert who knows what all you require for your website and business. With ample experience to back us, we ascertain our professional approach and skills will take your website ahead. We articulate different social media moves that will help you get visitors.

    Our concentration is all on the users and providing them with the user experience, which is one of the considerations of Google. Our team will suggest the package which is best for you and will start working on the same as per the package. Besides, we go out of the box to solve any of our client’s queries.

    We also suggest the proper website structure like link building, on-page SEO, technical SEO, and the action that you require and which will give you standing in your website ranking.

    So if you have built your website, get in touch with us at +61420800213 or email us at vishal@seoserviceagency.com.au

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