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    Now the COVID-19 Lockdown is over, and we can see many changes happening in both our social as well as economic life, so it is also time to make some business changes too.

    Neil Patel in one of his blogs retrospect that one of the major reasons for the changing happening in digital marketing is the coming of new technologies, and saturating the web, it means there is one website for every 4 people. Isn’t it strange!

    No doubt brands have to come across disruptive circumstances and visualize the business goals. Now as per the current survey E-consultancy and Marketing Week, around 63 % of participants admit that their marketing budgets are now frozen or left for review. At least, more than half of the products that were scheduled to be launched were postponed for an indefinite period.

    But now the companies are through essential transitional phase keeping the future in mind and are refocusing to get back on the track.

    So the question in today’s digital world, what steps a small business entrepreneur should opt to beat the competition and create its own space.

    Establish a trust culture

    It is now a time to present your staff and clients not just your professional but also your humane face. As the fear has engulfed faster, this is a time to show courage and face your fear. Keep your communications open with your team and client, and collaborate with them in a way that they align your strategy and take their input. It is better to negotiate the payments, with your clients as it is a tough time so all are in financial distress.

    If they have been working with you they will remain stick with you. Look at the process to financially support them to retain them, as the memory of how you have handled the situation can become a great factor to build up your reputation and keep your clients satisfied.

    You can do the following:

    • Offer Discounts
    • Give free packages
    • Digitally improve your communication channels
    • Create your podcasts and videos
    • Entertain your clients as you never did before
    • Give them more what is originally promised
    • Share your commitment
    Develop Retention strategies

    Try to retain your clients by offering him strategies that they love. Ensure that they do not leave you. It is not about saving the account but also about retaining and building stronger relationships. Before initiating your retention strategies, it is important to understand your audience, ensure the tactics and synchronize with your customer base, so create a profile of the type of customers that you are interacting with your brand. As retention is no doubt about building strong engagement with your customer base, so you should have a wealth of analytical insights on who your customers are and the way they interact with your organization.

    Be more disciplined and vigilant

    Change is happening and you never know when the storm again come and sweep away everything. So this is a time to get more vigilant and disciplined in your approach. Maintain a tempo and remain committed to your professional goals. Keep a watch on the latest trends and apply the same, be more collaborative, and disciplined. Paradoxically this means remaining at peace and working harder than ever before. Just be aware that when the dust settles, you will receive your market share.

    If you are pursuing SEO you must be aware that in the last 2 days, Google has come up with its enormous Google Search ranking algorithm. The talk among the enthusiasts is loud and clear. One of the biggest changes that we can see is in the ranking with the least algorithm pattern. It has been found n terrible shift in the traffic and rankings, many speculations are going on in the forums, with many of them are saying they have benefitted from the SERP changes, while the majority are reporting a brutal shift in the traffic and ranking. Many have reported that their sites have been de-ranked for spam websites and directory listings.

    So if SEO is your digital marketing strategy, keep yourself aware of the latest Google algorithm changes happening.

    Be tech Savvy

    Digital means getting automatic and start interacting with clients online. Began with face to face meetings using video conference software for initiating engagements, keeping yourself up to date with new strategies, and motivating yourself.

    The Google report as published in Brand Equity discovered the changing behavior pattern and top five consumer trends. It is about “the need to be Always on’, ‘Power to know more’, ‘Tap and Transact’, ‘anything, anytime, anywhere on-demand’ and ‘Optimise, personalise, humanise”. There is an ongoing eagerness by the consumers to keep on searching as they sit over the waves of information. They are more active online than ever before. So it is time to capture these audiences and ready to go.

    So Set your goals high and Start

    You have the whole digital world at your disposal, so if you have not started to initiate your plan, it’s time to kick start it.

    It is now time to just stop watching the news and put all your energy and initiative to seize the opportunity of the digital world and start on the golden route. Just going!

    After the lockdown is a golden moment for you to seize what is available, frame the goals, and keep going. The whole digital world is waiting for you.

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