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    When you create a list of your credentials like your business name, address, and phone number online it is known as local citations (NAP).

    Google says it is important in SEO as it tells your audiences who are you, and where are you from?

    Many Search Engine optimizers believe that they are crucial to achieving a good ranking in the search engines.

    You can find Local citations in social media networks, local business directories, and in all those places where you expect people to look for information.

    Today when the trend in Search Engine Optimization is changing, we can also see a considerable change in the way people behave, interact, and work.

    Now people are getting digitized and coming online to get their business done. So these local citations help these potential customers to find you.

    Your SEO company in Australia is worthy of offering the best strategy for your business and suggest directories for the local citation.

    How these citations important for us?

    Citations help search engines to validate business credibility and increase its trustworthiness.

    Earlier we would hand a business card to our potential clients as this would be built our credibility. But now, we have to list our business online in the respective local directories to help our customers to know more about us and reach us.

    If your particulars appear on many trusted websites, it would build confidence and Google will know that your business really exists.

    Moz found that citations are one among the fifth most imperative ranking signal for meeting the local queries.

    Local citations have a great impact on the local seo rankings.

    Google’s John Mueller says that “Just because a company name is mentioned somewhere doesn’t necessarily mean it’s good or bad for the company. I’d see those mentions more as advertising — if you think people are going to see it and explicitly search out your business, then that’s great”.

    How people discover your business through Citations?

    Suppose you want to find a local pet shop, there is no need for you to go Google search engine. You can go straight to Google My Business, Yellow pages, Yelp.com, etc… and directories to locate a pet shop. This is one of the reasons why it is imperative to get listed on these sites.

    A second big reason is that if there is a local query, you might go to directories that get precedence over the search results.

    As Google gives results to make searches locally, you need to list your company’s details for searchers to find your business.

    Types of Citations

    Before we come up with how to create citations, we would get acquainted with the different types of citations.

    Structured Citation

    In this category type you can enlist the name, address, and phone number at directory listings and in your social media profiles.

    You will also display the company information in the same way, and the page that you create around that data.

    Unstructured Citation

    In this type, you are mentioned about yourself in content especially in blog posts, forum posting, or press releases.

    No doubt many businesses will get benefited from both types of citations. But you do not have to add or get these citations from each site you had to come across. It is always better to add quality websites rather than haphazardly adding anywhere.

    There are generally four steps to follow to create these citations:

    • Get yourself listed with the “big three” data aggregators.
    • Submit your listing to Google My Business & Social Media profiles.
    • Submit your listing to the basic and popular websites.
    • Submit the listing to popular industry and local websites.
    • Create unstructured citations.

    No single solution work for each business.

    All businesses have their special needs so it is imperative to find which citation works best for you?

    If you are just a one-person entrepreneur, in this case, you might not have got cited and seen by any journalist or blogger. It is then called a low competition site, so you can outrank only by nailing your structured citations.

    Keep your citations consistent, updated, and accurate

    This is very imperative to let the businesses know that you are credible and it is also bad for local SEO. Around 80 percent of consumers lose their trust in businesses if they see inconsistency or work that is not up to the mark.

    Even though you do not have a website of your own, your potential clients will find you if you have local citations in appropriate directories and places.

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