Quick Inquiry

Quick Inquiry

    Any company or business getting SEO of its website is concerned about why and how long it takes for keywords to get ranked?

    As an SEO expert, my reply is ranking takes time, and it depends on many factors.

    Ask any renowned SEO or digital marketer, and he would say the same thing.

    The fact is that there is no quick scheme to get the top slot in the Search engine. And there is also no guarantee that you would reach there.

    And, if you are also worried about the ranking of your website, contact our team of SEO in Australia.

    So what are the factors that impact ranking?

    I will not reveal to you that will get it ranked in 90 days or more, but I assure you will get some valuable insights that you might have missed.

    Age of the website

    The general rule is as your website gets older, the more credibility it builds with Google.

    Studies showed that only 22 percent of the websites that are less than one year old gets ranked in the top 10 of Google.

    In case your website is new or using a high volume keyword, it would be a disadvantage. But do not give up as SEO is a long game to play. Keep on adopting SEO practices and see the success coming your way.

    Ensure Quality of the Domain

    To get at the higher rank of Google we suggest never adopt a black hat SEO strategy or any other practices that cheat Google.

    Though you might succeed, it is only a short-term endeavor, and Google will penalize your website.

    In some cases, it might also put a complete ban on your website.

    Instead, ensure that you use the backlinks of high quality and never link your website to any spam sites.

    Optimize your website

    Before starting the Search engine optimization, SEO experts will always suggest that you optimize your website. You can do it in many different ways, like making the website responsive, using call to action words and making content interactive, etc.

    As people now do more searches on their mobile devices. It is better to perform mobile-first indexing and ensure that your website gets displayed on all browsers and display sizes. If you are opting to design your website only for a laptop, your ranking will reduce.

    Also, make sure that your website is interactive, user friendly, and best both for the user and for Google crawlers. This question should always remain in your mind, whether visitors are finding you? If this is not happening, then immediately make some changes to the sitemap.

    Find your keywords

    Understanding of SEO keywords you intend to rank and its competitiveness should make a part of your SEO strategy. SEMrush is the best tool to find the keywords, or you can also hire an expert to find the right keywords for you. Use these keywords in your website content, headers, titles, captions, and in the alt text. You could either choose a secondary keyword or a long-tail keyword.

    Link Building

    Link building is the best bet, and doing it will build your DR and ranking.

    Always remember that it is not imperative to link your website with highly popular websites, Forbes or New York Times, but you can opt for any niche website.

    Do not leave link building in just a few months

    There is a propensity among marketers to stop using link building method within a few months, as they get frustrated. But they should understand that with link building, you are creating a strong foundation for getting a good ranking.

    No doubt you could see unpredictability in the SERPs in all these days, but your task is to provide Google with enough high-quality links. These created links would give impetus to the ranking of your website on the first page of Google.

    Do not depend on the indirect method of the link building

    In the indirect methods, marketers depend on influencers, brand signals, or social media to get the attention of your target audience.

    Many marketers would start sharing content on different social media channels? This system is okay but be regular with it.

    However, it is not a link building thing. Do the link building with a highly DA website or individual.

    Build link as quickly as possible

    Neil suggests a 1.8-month window scheme, and during this period, you could top the SERP, and this is your content period of freshness. Google would see it and would love to rank it and that on page 1 or 2.

    And of course, find those keywords that rank, and this is a key to get top in the Google search engine.

    There is no precise answer to the question. But with smart strategy and proper use of keywords and high-quality content, you can achieve the targeted ranking.

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    We follow a certain success pattern that entails white hat SEO strategies including a complete SEO plan in a well-formulated package. You can select a customized package according to your budget and needs, and you are on the go.

    We assure your minimum investment is turned into your double growth and revenue.

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