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    Now it’s time for Opportunity Gains, says Digital Guru?

    Games of the business are well played when we turn negativities into positives and economic downturn into opportunity. No doubt, coronavirus brought our lives to temporarily halt but nothing is ended, as new opportunities are beaming to release ourselves from the old and get into a new form.

    Let’s explore what are these and how we will do it?

    We have experienced and seen the worst. If we look into our past, between the years the 1980s to 1990s, Australia was witness to the Great Depression. High inflation rates and higher interest rates had put the majority of the population into a miserable financial position. But the world again revived and the economy of Australia spiraled.

    And now too when everything else is smacked this pandemic and turned our clock backward, many old business stewards are now taking a reverse trend. They are starting from basic, the time from where they originated. We have again started learning to rebuild our past and live beyond the current race of the time. No doubt, pandemic remained painful, but it did turn us into better marketers in the long run.

    So what we should initiate and the opportunity we have let us retrospect.

    Think with the customer’s mind

    Understanding the magic and to develop the connection between the two is a mantra that is an integral part of the marketing team’s efforts. When the planned campaigns are shelved, there is a renewed appreciation for pursuing a lead.

    The current reality is marketers are far more driven towards the current trend, chiefly concentrating on the people’s requirements instead of broadcasting in a predefined moment. Like other marketers, the focus is on using multimedia as a part of a campaign that is established around key moments.

    Digital marketers tend to be more fluid, dynamic, and down to earth while analyzing data and tap into real-time consumer intent, which is a strategic move in the long run.

    Campaign planning

    Tenacity is towards organizing and planning campaigns as per the current moments with a beginning, a middle approach, and taking an end in mind.

    In a campaign, planning formulates a prelaunch period, creates a rocking push up, and retains an ongoing highly impactful media across paid and owned channels.

    Many would incorporate highly scaled direct-response media to capture demand all through. Now the current situation has forced each one of us to push our tenacity in the customer’s shoes, understanding their needs instead of merely displaying them in a predefined moment.

    Find consumer trends

    When the people were confined, they would pick their electronic systems for online shopping, and no doubt online sales had doubled by 55 %.

    This solicits many local producers and stores to digitize their business and built their online presence, inducing the digital marketers to also pick up their spade for rolling the wheels for winning these new online zealots.

    Find what people are keen to buy.

    For instance, you witness your social feeds are full of immunity booster medicines. Though you are not selling these medicines you can help these companies with the creative advertisements and informative content that sells.

    You can also search ad copy to increase your relevance in this unique moment dependent on what people want and how they are satiating their needs. Yet another example is the current demand for the masks, so as a digital marketer, you could create Instagram posts with many loaded designer masks with superannuated stuff. You can then create organic social posts to pump in the fun and build your PR reach.

    Play quickly than ever before

    A commitment of a good digital marketer is speed, flexibility, transparency, and agility.

    Decisions that used to take days or even weeks we now need to make within hours.

    Initiate media plans without giving glossy touch and polish.

    A need is to adopt a sensitive approach and play safe.

    Retaining Customer Retention, Loyalty and Advocacy

    The maximum part of customer experience goes in retaining customers instead of attracting new ones.

    Ongoing customers are more valuable than new ones; studies have found that it costs five times more to attract a new customer as it does to keep a new one, so it is worth placing your effort to keep your customers satisfied.

    Loyal customers increase your reputation and awareness of your brand.

    Happy customers are like your brand awareness and influencers so keeping them happy is a mantra.

    It is also time to quickly decide for eradicating the things that aren’t working to the expectations. It is also time to reuse the resources, reorganize the things, and initiate the proceedings.

    A quick shot of what you need to do to take the digital marketing experience to a new level. Here you go:
    • Attain high-quality customer experience
    • Build up engagement initiative
    • Give the visualization experience
    • Adopting personalization
    • Set up featured snippets
    • Incorporate voice search feature
    • Create AI-based Automation
    • Give Live Video
    • Generate Account-based marketing

    So in short, improve your corporate culture by initiating collaborative ways to overcome hurdles which will make your team directly involved and make them part of your solution.

    With mountainous difficult terrains at your back, it is the right time to bring in changes in each aspect of your business endeavor.

    Take an innovative approach to charge your business, and use this opportunity to develop strong relationships with clients and make a refreshing start.

    This phase will turn to be a lucrative period for you so bounce back with a bang.