Quick Inquiry

Quick Inquiry

    Are you frustrated about not getting traffic on your Website or Blog?

    I would say no, as getting visitors is not a “missilistic” venture; visitors will reach your Website/Blog but it is slow and constant. There is no game if there is no strategy or spark in it. It is true on Website & Blogging too. In the Website, you need to add words that not only ignite but are informative and bring value.

    There are many ways to get your readership but before going through these strategies. First, let us have a gist of certain basic anecdotes in Blogging. Once you have comprehended these basics, you won’t be anxious about not having a huge blog with tons of traffic.

    Yes, even if you are a startup or just solo entrepreneur there are two types of traffic that you expect in your Website & Blog;

    Organic traffic:  

    These are the visitors that come naturally to your website; you do not have to induce them to come.

    The main source of organic traffic is search traffic; it comes when a person willingly searches for it by typing in its search words or what we call in SEO terms, keywords in Google search engine. As soon the person types in the words, your Website or Blog post appears in the result and they click on it. It also includes referral traffic means when someone reaches your Website by clicking on a link from another website.

    Paid Traffic:

    It is traffic that you get by advertising about your Website or Blog that induces traffic to visit it.

    One of the favorite types of advertising is Facebook advertising, but it also includes Google Adwords, Twitter ads, banner ads, and others.

    As there are two types of traffic, if your content is good, you virtually will never have a traffic problem or issue.

    Chiefly organic traffic is a pertinent part of a long-term content marketing strategy, so do not neglect it.

    Paid traffic is a guaranteed way to receive traffic, but how simple it is let’s see.

    However, there are only two main things you have to do to succeed. First is write the interactive highly quality and original content and secondly make it as relevant as possible by incorporating keywords.

    If ever we want to learn about the Website & Blogging strategies, the first name that would come to our mind is Neil Patel. His passion for Blogging reflects on the streaking bits of advice he gives to the enthusiasts.

    In one of his Blogs he wrote, “A Blogger’s work never ends.” There is continuous pressure on the Blogger to keep forming content that is entertaining, inspiring, and inducing. This makes Blogging quipped Neil, “a supper high-maintenance field.” So go gain success, you don’t have any other choice but to involve yourself in this digital space.

    Blogging is simply not for those who get frustrated very easily. After putting into Blogging for more than fifteen years, I realize that we have been putting our every drop of blood, sweat, and tears into it to catch the attention of the readers.

    Pack up is not a solution but to open the avenues and your creative spell to make it enriching and adopting the strategies that work.

    Well, catch the following thought-provoking but useful ideas to incorporate in your Website & Blog, and believe these would work.

    Here you go:

    First Impression is the last impression

    People take only a few seconds to decide whether they should read your Blog or not and whether it is to your taste.

    Clarity about the theme of the Website or Blog is very important. You need to make it clear what your Website is all about and this should be your first shot. Either you can do it with the Website or Blog’s title, tagline, design, navigation, or categories choice is yours.

    Give your Website or Blog an attractive look

    The first-ever thing that people look at your Website or Blog is its design.

    At first instance only they will make a judgment whether it is professional, relevant, or whether it is on-brand.

    So it is pertinent that you design your Website that is clear, clean, and attractive to the readers. The layout of the posts is also important.

    If the posts are not attractive, difficult to reach, your readers will leave it quickly.

    Images and or videos attract. Add as many images as possible and try to use headlines, short paragraphs, formatting, bold, italics, and lists.

    And most pertinent is its look on the mobile devices, whether it is looking beautiful or engaging or looking messy.

    Make people to Subscribe

    You might get the opportunity to subscribe whenever you are writing content.

    Take up any topic and stick to that. If you are writing a blog post on the effective ways to do digital marketing, tell the people that you would be giving several important tips on digital marketing. So subscribing to your Website or Blog will be fruitful for you.

    Develop Eagerness

    If you continue to give your reader’s valuable content and that too regularly, they would be eager to get more content.

    This means a certain sense of expectation is created, as your readers will wait for you. And one fruitful way is to write a series of posts on a specific topic.

    When your readers know that more topics are coming up, there is all the chance that they would subscribe to your Website or Blog as they wanted to avoid risking it out.

    Yet another way is to have a regular post coming on your Blog that is interesting and in which readers can also contribute.

    The best example is an opinion post of your blog once a week. Whatever is your decision, makes your readers know that you are going to send content soon and it is happening.

    Create a link to your post

    Interlink your post and induce your readers to subscribe to it. As more content they see, more they will subscribe. If you have written any topic that is not exactly related to your post but could be still interesting, link it back to the old post that you have written on the topic.

    A great way to do this is a Further Reading section in your Blog. There are tools and plugin to make it automatically possible for you. But you can also create this list yourself.

    Establish a sneeze page

    If you have been Blogging for a couple of months, then chances are there might be lots of posts in your archives, and if they might have the information it is not easy to find.

    To solve this issue, develop a sneeze page that links directly to your content with a common theme or topic.

    It is the best way to have people look at your archive posts again especially in the years to come.

    Offer social proof

    If you are choosing to watch a movie, which one do you select, the one that has hundreds of positive reviews and stars or ones that have very few star reviews?

    I guess that you might have one with hundreds of reviews, as this is social proof, the validity of your claim.

    If you have many subscribers, you can put over the Blog the number of subscribers you have, and also show followers you have on social media.

    Increase interactivity and be personal

    People would come back if they have left you have given the option to comment, voted in a poll, or enter a competition.

    So invite people to comment and participate in your Website or Blog.

    Develop some interesting challenging games and invite readers to it.

    Motivate them to interact with your Website or Blog, talk to them, and allow them to talk to each other.

    And there are many other strategies or tidbits, as you move forward you will find more.

    The secret to it is writing and involving others into it. Keep going!

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